Patient Partner Program

Individualised exercise and rehabilitation program

Surgeon designed program

Program updated to match your rate of recovery

Technology enabled, supported by medical team

We have been successfully delivering our Patient Partner Program to thousands of satisfied hip and knee patients since 2017. One of the highlights of our program is you get to recover in the comfort of your own home via telemedicine, while maintaining ongoing support from your medical team.

Your surgeon and Patient Partner work closely together to design your individual program and deliver your specific education and exercise activities. Our just in time approach ensures you get the right information, at the right time along your journey.

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  • Surgeon designed, 6 week prehabiliation program
  • Digitally delivered Patient Expectation Management (PEM) tools
  • Complete physiotherapy initial assessment
  • Education and support delivered via face-to-face and telemedicine solutions


  • 6 week recovery program starts upon discharge from hospital
  • Optimise recovery with an exercise program tailored to you
  • Progess will be monitored and reported back to your surgeon so they can facilitate your recovery
  • One-on-one telemedicine consultations with your Patient Partner

Ongoing Monitoring

  • Patient Report Outcome Measures (PROMs) monitored electronically at 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Optional 12 month review generates insights for research and development
  • Assessments and reports allow your surgeon to monitor your activity throughout the program
360 Patient Partner and patient using the 360 iPad

Stay connected with technology

Actively participate in each stage of your journey by utilising our dynamic 360 technology pack.

Delivered via a hybrid of face-to-face meetings and telemedicine video consultations, your individualised program will empower you to meet your goals and expectations for recovery. Daily exercise activity data is collected via a Garmin watch which allows you to track your physical step goals.

Our provided technology pack keeps you constantly engaged with your Patient Partner and surgeon as you progress your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your health cover, the 360 Patient Partner Program might not cost anything. Contact your current provider to confirm whether you are covered.
Yes. The Patient Partner who will be the primary care coordinator for the program is a highly trained physiotherapist that has advanced knowledge and understanding of osteoarthritis in the hip and knee.
If your surgery is more than 2 weeks away, speak to your orthopaedic surgeon about getting a referral into the program or call your local Patient Partner.
If your surgery is scheduled more than 3 months into the future, you may qualify for our MotionPlus Program.
The program is offered via a blended approach of face-to-face and telehealth sessions. You’ll see each other at least 4 times face-to-face over the course of the program and have a minimum of 10 live chat telehealth sessions. The Patient Partner will prescribe sessions according to your needs and progress.
Unlike many other rehabilitation programs, the Patient Partner program is delivered primarily online via a 360 provided iPad so that you can build your joint strength from the comfort of home and without having to worry about organising transport to clinic appointments.
Call your local Patient Partner who can advise which surgeon can offer you a referral into the program. You could start your journey as soon as next week!
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