360 Med Care utilises CT and X-Ray scans for a number of our technologies and processes. To streamline the experience, please have scans performed at a 360 approved radiology centre. You can search for one on the map below.

Note: all centres listed have been supplied with both the 360 Knee CT Protocol and 360 Hip X-Ray and CT Protocol and should be able to perform both types of scans. The status of “approved or knee” or “approved for hip” is granted after 360 Med Care has received the first successful scan, confirming its compliance to the protocol.

Imaging Protocols

Please fill out this form to download the latest 360 Knee and Hip imaging protocols. They will be downloaded together as a .zip file. If you need assistance, please email

Latest versions: Knee version 10 / Hip version 4
Last updated: 23 September, 2020

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