Your hip surgery

Your 360 Patient Partner will be available to you on the day of your surgery to offer you support and peace of mind.

Take comfort in knowing that surgeons who work with 360 Med Care utilise the latest in surgical techniques, surgical planning, and instrumentation, based on clinical research and data.

360 technology optimised surgery

  • Patient Specific Instruments
    Single use, patient specific 3D bone models and guides are generated from CT scans and are created to streamline the surgical workflow, timing and accuracy of your surgery. The bespoke nature of these models helps to optimise the positioning of your implants based on a variety of factors, including your surgeon’s unique surgical philosophy.
  • Computer Assisted Surgery
    The 360 CVN (Computer Vision Navigation) is a surgical navigation system which helps guide your surgeon during surgery with real time data feedback about your joint to support their surgical decision making.
  • Individualised hip alignment plans
    Aligned to your surgeon’s philosophy, and specific to your native anatomy and pathology, these surgical plans provide your surgeon with suggested implant sizing and alignment as determined by clinically researched joint simulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be confident and comfortable recovering at home after your surgery with the Patient Partner Program. The program allows you to start your rehabilitation at home while having the support network of your family and friends.
Your Patient Partner will support you the day of hospital discharge and will organise your first telehealth video consultation to start your rehabilitation after surgery.
Nationally, we work with over 200 surgeon collaborators and would be happy to direct you to an orthopaedic surgeon engaged with 360 Med Care technology. Contact your local Patient Partner for more information.

Ensure your surgery utilises outstanding people and technology

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