360 Med Care brings together a diverse team that collaborate and challenge the status quo.
We welcome you to explore different career opportunities.


  • A strong focus on engineering, development and computer science and one of our largest teams!
  • This team produces patient specific computer models, surgical plans and other patient-focused orthopedic solutions


  • Focuses on data analysis, computer learning and academic research – building new knowledge
  • Highly involved with supporting surgeon’s research goals


  • Uphold the standards of all 360 Med Care products to national and international standards
  • Guide and determine the direction of projects within the larger team to ensure patient care


  • A part of our 360 Instruments team, focused on bespoke medical instrument and patient specific guide manufacturing
  • Daily use of a wide variety of in-house tools including medical grade 3D printing, CNC machining and computer modeling


  • Highly diverse team of licensed physiotherapists working directly with clients across the country
  • Patient Partners are highly versed in the use of technology, both in theater and in the field delivering medicine


  • Facilitates the running of all tangentially related activities at 360 Med Care
  • This team includes marketing, people, IT, business development and leadership

Internships at 360 Med Care

We accept applications from engineering students from a variety of accredited universities between their 3rd and 4th year of study each November for a 12 week, unpaid internship. Our engineering interns work in rotation at our corporate office in Pymble, NSW within the diverse teams overseeing the production of surgical plans, patient specific instrumentation and other orthopaedic technology.

As an intern at 360 Med Care, you’ll not only be building your skills and relationship with other industry professionals but becoming a part of our extended 360 family. Many of our interns choose to continue on with 360 Med Care as part and full time employees. If you are interested in an internship with 360 Med Care, please email with your resume and latest academic transcript.

Current vacancies

New vacancies will no longer be posted here. To see open positions at 360, please refer to our Seek Page

For further information about any of the positions listed above or if you would like to apply, please contact

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