About Us

At 360 Med Care, we believe that your joint replacement treatment needs to be as unique as you are. That’s why at 360, we combine people, knowledge and technology to optimise the episode of care by consolidating the aspects of your joint replacement journey, from surgeon to implant to physiotherapy, into one cohesive experience. 

We aim to empower every surgeon and health fund partner to offer more dynamic care options to patients, through our state-of-the-art surgical planning programs, ongoing research and innovative orthopaedic technologies. We strive to increase patient satisfaction through blended care and ongoing education. We’ve partnered with other strong Australian brands to bring rapid recovery technologies and enhanced patient data analytics to our episode of care journey. 

We deliver on our promise by empowering the brightest minds to rapidly innovate passed the accepted norms every day at 360. From the humble beginnings of two colleagues with a passion for improving orthopaedic practices, our team has expanded to over 100 professionals working across all touch points in the joint replacement process.

Be open to advancement – discover how patient-first practices enhance satisfaction.