360 Instruments

Committed to improving surgical flow and patient outcomes

Research & Design

With extensive knowledge of surgical techniques and medical device considerations, our team of design engineers works closely with surgeons to understand individual requirements and develop bespoke solutions.


Taking advantage of our comprehensive in-house capabilities and network of external partners, your surgeon’s medical device will be manufactured, finished and evaluated to ensure it meets all expectations and requirements.

Quality & Regulatory

From design to manufacture through to final release, we ensure a ready to use, quality-assured and safe device. All work is produced in accordance with our ISO13485 certification.

Patient Specific Guides

Based on pre-operative scans, these single-use guides are intended to be used as patient specific instruments assisting surgeons in positioning, marking and cutting of the bone. These PSGs are designed and planned according to the unique anatomy of our patients. A 3D model based on the patient’s CT scans allows the biomedical engineers at 360 Med Care produce a surgical plan in tandem with your orthopaedic surgeon. The bespoke nature of this model can assist with the implant positioning based on a variety of factors including the surgeon’s unique practice preferences.

360 Instruments produces CT based bone models and cutting guides for:
• Knee – Femur, tibia and patella
• Hip – Femoral neck cut for anterior and posterior approach

360 Instruments, formerly MO Milling, is a Sydney-based team of experienced designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals who have been focused in advancing fields of medical devices and medical R&D since 2003. We work closely with every client to provide a complete solution from design, prototyping and manufacturing of bespoke custom devices through to volume production of instruments and components.

We recognise that not all standard surgical tools are suitable for all surgeons or techniques. Our clients choose to work with us directly and as we can assist by through collaboration with your local medical representative/company.

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360 Instruments is the rebranded entity of MO Milling Pty Ltd
MO Milling Pty Ltd (ABN: 35 104 502 418) and
KICO Knee Innovation Company (ABN: 78 602 358 289)
are the legal manufacturers and maintain QARA standards.

28 Byrnes Street, Botany NSW 2019

Contact Gary Orton, Director, at +61 422 846 169 or gary@360med.care for inquiries specific to 360 Instruments.

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