Your hip surgery

The 360 Med Care episode of care will allow you to recover and start your rehabilitation at home while staying connected with your medical team and the support of a network of family, friends, and carers.

Actively participate in your hip surgery recovery via the Patient Partner Program aimed at optimising your experience through a combination of face-to-face and telemedicine video consultations.

The future of rehabilitation

  • Surgeon designed education and exercise protocols unique to you, delivered over 6 weeks
  • Your Patient Partner is a senior physiotherapist specialising in hip and knee orthopaedics
  • Frequent interaction between your surgeon and Patient Partner to constantly enhance your program and optimise recovery
  • Continually engage with your Patient Partner via scheduled telemedicine video consultations
  • Daily activity monitoring and targets to ensure you are achieving your personal goals
  • Ability to immediately escalate any concerns regarding your rehabilitation directly back to your surgeon

As you work toward your recovery goals, your progress and participation will be quantitatively measured and reported back to your medical team through your technology enabled patient pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Patient Partner will work with you from your initial assessment onward to manage your expectations and set realistic goals. Recovery will depend many factors, but you will have a general idea of your recovery time frame from your pre-operative appointments with your surgeon and Patient Partner.
Many patients choose to add additional rehabilitation options such as hydrotherapy to their recovery schedule. While your Patient Partner will not participate during these activities, they can assist in coordinating between your health fund and medical team to ensure you recover safely.
Once approved by both your surgeon and Patient Partner, at the end of your 6 week rehab you’ll be discharged with plenty of resources to continue recovering at your own pace.
Your surgeon and Patient Partner begin designing your individualised program through a collaborative conversation about your goals and surgical outcomes. This partnership allows for your program to be continuously adjusted to enhance your journey. Physical assessments and reports allow your surgeon to monitor your activity throughout the program.

Yes! I want to recover at home with confidence

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